Animal Totem Meanings


Alligator ~ Survival, Adaptability, Stealth

Ant ~ Perseverance, Teamwork, Orderliness

Antelope ~ Grace, Beauty, Attentive

Ape ~ Strength, Benevolence, Protective

Armadillo -Boundaries, Self Protection, Grounded

Badger ~ Solitude, Self Awareness, Self Sufficient

Bat ~ Guardian of the Night, Cleaner, Messenger

Bee ~ Immortality, Rebirth, Purity, Soul, Messengers between Worlds, Secret
Wisdom, Mother and Priestesses

Birds ~ The Soul, Transcendence, Communication, Freedom, Sight

Bear ~ Primal Power, Healer, Gentle Strength, Nurturing, Protective, Introspection

Beaver ~ Builder, Gatherer, Accomplishing Goals

Boar ~ The Warrior Spirit, Leadership, Direction

Buffalo ~ Sacredness, Life Builder, Prayer, Abundance

Bull ~ Wealth, Potency, Male Procreative Strength, Kingship

Butterfly ~ Metamorphosis, Transformer, Rebirth, Resurrection

Cat ~ Guardianship, Sensuality, Magic, Pride, Intuition

Cock ~ Solar, Courage, Supremacy

Cougar ~ Leadership, Courage, Power, Swiftness and Balance.

Cow ~ Nourishment, Motherhood, Plenty

Coyote ~ Prankster, Insight, Playful

Crane ~ Solitude, Independence, Higher state of Consciousness, Wisdom

Crow ~ Sacred Law, Messenger, Wisdom, Communication, the Underworld

Deer ~ Love, Gentleness, Kindness, Walking in the Light

Dog ~ Guidance, Protection, Loyalty, the Hunt

Dolphin ~ Breath of Life, Kindness, Sea Power, Intelligence, Communication

Donkey ~ Humility, Peace, Stubbornness

Dove ~ Peace, Love, Gentleness and Kindness

Dragon ~ Transformation, Power of Earth, Power, Magic, Guardian

Dragonfly ~ Illusion, Carefree, Swift

Eagle ~ Spirit, Clear Vision, Success, Prosperity

Elephant ~ Commitment, Strength, Memory

Elk ~ Stamina, Strength, Freedom, Majesty

Fish ~ Water, Current, Flow of Life

Fox ~ Camouflage, Cunning, Provider, Feminine Magic

Frog ~ Emotional Healing, Medicine, Cleansing, Peace

Goose ~ Inspiration, Happiness, Safe return, Love of Home

Giraffe ~ Grounded Vision, Peace, Insight

Hawk ~ Messenger, Nobility, Recollection, Observer, Truth

Horse ~ Power, Stamina, Devotion

Hummingbird ~ Joy, Stopper of Time, Optimism, Sweetness

Jaguar ~ Solitary Path, Forest Spirits, Power

Ladybug ~ Helper, Delight, Trust

Lion ~ Courage, Solar, Splendor, Majesty

Lizard ~ Dreaming, Conservation, Agility, Letting go, Illusiveness

Monkeys ~ Quick and Keen of Wit, Curious, Excellent in small Enterprises

Moose ~ Self Esteem, Headstrong, Longevity

Mouse ~ Scrutiny, Illusion, Charm

Octopus ~ The Spiral, Water, Unconscious

Otter ~ Woman Medicine, Laughter, Mischievous, Empathy

Owl ~ Wisdom, Truth, Patience, Divination, Totem of Clairvoyants and Mystics

Peacock ~ Wholeness, Recognition, Beauty, Self-Assurance

Pig ~ Highly Intelligent, Scholarly, Emotions

Rabbit ~ Alertness, Conquering Fear, Safety, Fertility

Raccoon ~ Dexterity, Disguise, Survival, Persona

Ram ~ Sacrifice, Breakthrough, Achievement, Strength, Determination

Raven ~ Trickster, Teacher, Healing, Initiation, Shaman’s Power, Transformation, Change in Consciousness, Mark of a Shape Shifter

Scorpion ~ Defense, Self-protection, Vengence

Seahorse ~ Confidence, Grace, Nourishing, Fathering

Shark ~ Hunter, Survival, Adaptability

Sheep ~ Proud, Domineering, Strive to Help and Guard their Fellows

Skunk ~ Perseverance, Determination Reputation, Respect, Caution

Snake ~ Transformation, Life, Death and Rebirth, Fertility, Knowledge, Power, Life Force, Sexual potency

Spider ~ Weaver, Creative, Pattern of Life, Connects the Past with the Future, Creating Possibilities, The Web of Life, Interconnectedness, Industry

Squirrel ~ Gathering, Trust, Thrift

Stag ~ Pride, Independence, Purification

Swan ~ Grace, Balance, Innocence

Tiger ~ Being in the Now, Creator, Destroyer, Ferocity

Turtle ~ Mother Earth, Self Contained, Creative Source, Love, Protection

Unicorn ~ Chastity, Purity, Dreams, Virtue

Whale ~ Record Keeper, Power of Water, Regeneration

Wolf ~ Teacher, Loyalty, Success, Stability, Pathfinder,

Woodpecker ~ Prophecy, Magic, Guardian of Trees, Change

Wren ~ Spirit, Witchcraft, the Oak King

Zebra ~ Individuality, Protective, Individuality, Deep Truths

All Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet