Starting the Day off Right

I do not do Yoga. I own lots of videos, books, mats and other various equipment and sure, I have experimented a time or two…haven’t we all? But there was something about all the Beginning Yoga stuff that didn’t quite work for me. I got the breath work down, understood the poses and I wanted so much to be one of those people who fell in love with the discipline and saw my life transformed by the balance and flexibility it brings. But if I am being honest… my time is so precious and I just didn’t get enough in return for the time I would give to it. If I squeeze 30 minutes of freedom out of a day to devote to my health I needed to feel like I used the time wisely. I needed the burn, the sweat, the sweet exhaustion that seemed to whisper to me.. “you did good”. Doing Yoga felt as if I was trying to merge my meditation time with my workout… but somehow not committing to either. In spite of that…I keep trying to make it work. I have read enough and learned enough to know that it really can be life altering and can balance the body and mind like few other practices can.

So, when I came across this Picture on Pinterest I decided to give it a go. All of the poses were familiar to me and I thought if nothing else it would be a great stretch before doing some “real” workouts. Needless to say, this routine was awesome. Somewhere between the third and fourth pose I felt completely focused on my breath. At first I think this focus first came as a need to distract myself from the burn, but as I started concentrating on it, my body started relaxing into poses. By the end of the routine I felt I had accomplished a great deal. For the first time, I felt as if I understood the beauty of this practice and I felt like my body would remind me in the morning of how much of a workout Yoga can be. This picture is from Women’s Health and I think whether you are a newbie like me or a seasoned veteran you will enjoy it immensely. Namaste.


Lodolite: The Shamanic Dream Stone

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“The Shamanic Dream Stone”

Lodolite is a type of Quartz crystal with unique inclusions of many possible colors and types. No stone is ever the same. Often it has the look of landscapes. Thus, lodolite is often referred to as garden quartz, landscape quartz, or scenic quartz. These are remarkable specimens. Genuine rare, hard to find Lodolite crystals. They are so interesting and different. Truly a one of a kind unique, the energy is amazing!

Shamans used Lodolite to induce visionary experiences and healing. Clear Quartz is the “Stone of Power” and can help to amplify any energy or intention. Clear Quartz is also called the “Master Healer” and with the presence of the inclusions, this Quartz has wonderful healing abilities. It’s often used in meditation practices. Another metaphysical use of lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires. Lodolite is also said to enhance communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten one’s spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives.

Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness. It harmonizes the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. Lodolite is a very powerful journeying stone on all levels; cosmic, soul and personal.

Lodolite is a great dreaming crystal. It is also helpful for enhancing ones sensitivity to energy, like when using Reiki energy.

Alternate Names or Spellings: Lodolite Quartz, Lodelite, Lodalite and “The Shamanic Dream Stone”

Deep Forest!

We are having a Deep Forest Day here at the Store! Still Love this album, even after all this time.  Fantastic Trance Dance Music for a Friday!

Finding your Animal Spirit Guide

An Animal Totem is an important symbolic object used by a person to get in touch with specific qualities found within an animal which the person needs, connects with, or feels a deep affinity toward. In Native American traditions it is beleived that each individual is connected with different animals that will accompany them through life, acting as guides. Different animal guides come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that we are headed and the tasks that need to be completed along our journey. These guides offer wisdom to the individual when they “communicate” with it. This does not necessarily mean that you actually need to spend time with this animal, only that there is a lesson to be learn from it’s charateristics. They are spiritual symbols that convey to us qualities we are needing or lacking in our daily lives.

How To Find Your Animal Totem:

Since we are drawn to that which resonates with us, what animal, bird, or insect are you drawn to?

When you go to the park, forest, or zoo what animal are you most interested in seeing?

Does a certain kind of animal consistently appear in your life? This doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical appearance, they could be represented in other ways such as unexplained dreams or watching television and seeing the same animal featured again and again.

Are there any animals you are currantly curious to learn more about?

Which animal do you find most frightening or intriguing?

Have you ever been bitten or attacked by an animal?

Have you ever had a recurring dream about a certain animal, been an animal in your dream, or have a dream from childhood that you have never been able to forget?

Are you drawn to figurines or paintings of a specific animal?

If you are still unsure what your Animal Guide is, Find a place where you can be alone to meditate. Sit quietly and ask your animal to make it’s nature known to you. Feel free to use tools such as incense, smudge, and candles to help you reach a peaceful and receptive space. Don’t give up, sometimes your animal totem is nearby watching to see if you’re serious about connecting with it. Keep doing the above exercises until your animal totem makes itself known to you.