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Once in a Blue Moon

Tomorrow we will have a Blue Moon. This is the name given to the second Full Moon within the same month and occurs every 2 to 3 years. Some believe the second full moon holds the knowledge of the Grandmother Goddess, or the Crone, and therefore contains the wisdom of the 3-fold the energy. This can be associated with the Goddess in her 3 forms of Maiden, Mother, Crone. It can also be associated with the 3 natures of self as Mind, Body, Spirit.

Bathing in Moonlight

Full Moon Ritual Bath Salt Blend

1 Cup ~ Himalayan Salts

1 Tsp. ~ Dried Eucalyptus

1 Tsp. ~ Mugwort

2 Tsp. ~ Jasmine Flowers

3 drops ~ Wintergreen Essential Oil

3 drops ~ Sandalwood Essential Oil

Blend all ingredients together and add 1/4 cup to running bath water. This is a very powerful blend so you do not need much. Tie in cheesecloth and add to water if you wish to keep the herbs together. Adding a couple Moonstones to the bath is also recommended. Soak in water for 20 to 30 minutes while meditating on drawing down the moon’s energy into the water and absorbing it into your body.

This blend is wonderful for:

~ Strengthening your Intuition

~ Increasing the Constructive Lunar Energy for Magical workings.

~ Manifestation of Desires

~ Authentic Expression of Self

 Bath Salt Crystals are great for aches and pains and they have a strong purifying and re-mineralization effect; which restores the balance of energy levels and provides extreme relaxation. The salt minerals penetrate your skin in form of ions. On the day of the full moon the body’s absorption potentials is at peak. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body’s energy flow will be activated, making these perfect to use before and after any Ritual work. These salts can also be used for Crystal Charging.

photo by Psyche8778

Deep Forest!

We are having a Deep Forest Day here at the Store! Still Love this album, even after all this time.  Fantastic Trance Dance Music for a Friday!

The Days of Sunna

Sunna, or Sol, is the Norse goddess of the Sun. We derive the English word ’Sun’ from her name and Sunday is named for her. She is known to drive her Chariot across the sky, pursued by the wolf  Skoll, who seeks to devour her.  It is said that sometimes he comes so close that he is able to take a bite out of the Sun, causing an eclipse. She has been called All-Bright, Everglow, and Fair Wheel. Her Sun Chariot is drawn by two golden horses, Allsvinn (All-Swift), and Arvaker (Early-Waker), who pull the sun behind them. Its heat would be too much for them, except that Odin created a talisman called the Isarnkol, which hangs above their shoulders on the double yoke and constantly spreads cool mists, protecting them from heatstroke.

As Sunna, She is a healer. She is known for her life-giving Blessings and can be asked for victory blessings.

At Ragnarok, the foretold “Twilight of the Gods” or end of the world, it is believed the Sun will finally be swallowed by Skoll. When the world is destroyed, a new world shall be born, a world of peace and love, and the Sun’s bright daughter shall outshine Her mother. But until then, we may bask in her beautiful rays.

A little Rumi Wisdom

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