Deep Forest!

We are having a Deep Forest Day here at the Store! Still Love this album, even after all this time.  Fantastic Trance Dance Music for a Friday!

~ Gratitude ~

These past few weeks have been chaotic to say the least. Between the construction of the new space and the deconstruction of our current location, our minds and bodies have been put through the ringer! It is very easy to become overwhelmed during times like these, however, we have learned that you can keep calm and focused with the help of some really good music. Lately we are very fond of one of the newest albums by David & Steve Gordon.

Sequoia Records describes this album as music to ” Soothe your spirit. Fluid melodies of soaring Native American flute bathed reverberating Shamanic atmospheres, keyboard textures and occasional nature sounds carry you to a deeply nourishing place of rest. Acclaimed masters of healing music, David & Steve Gordon have created an entirely new form of relaxing music that combines Native American flute music with soothing meditation music. The result is deeply calming music that is organic, spontaneous, serene and filled with spirit. You’ll want to return again and again to this wonderful source of inner renewal and inspiration. This breathlessly beautiful ambient music will aid you in your journey — use it for meditation, massage, yoga, sleep and relaxation. Welcome home – You know this music because it echoes in the canyons of your soul.”

We are truly filled with Gratitude while listening to this album. It helps us release all tension and stress during this process and stay grounded.