Starting the Day off Right

I do not do Yoga. I own lots of videos, books, mats and other various equipment and sure, I have experimented a time or two…haven’t we all? But there was something about all the Beginning Yoga stuff that didn’t quite work for me. I got the breath work down, understood the poses and I wanted so much to be one of those people who fell in love with the discipline and saw my life transformed by the balance and flexibility it brings. But if I am being honest… my time is so precious and I just didn’t get enough in return for the time I would give to it. If I squeeze 30 minutes of freedom out of a day to devote to my health I needed to feel like I used the time wisely. I needed the burn, the sweat, the sweet exhaustion that seemed to whisper to me.. “you did good”. Doing Yoga felt as if I was trying to merge my meditation time with my workout… but somehow not committing to either. In spite of that…I keep trying to make it work. I have read enough and learned enough to know that it really can be life altering and can balance the body and mind like few other practices can.

So, when I came across this Picture on Pinterest I decided to give it a go. All of the poses were familiar to me and I thought if nothing else it would be a great stretch before doing some “real” workouts. Needless to say, this routine was awesome. Somewhere between the third and fourth pose I felt completely focused on my breath. At first I think this focus first came as a need to distract myself from the burn, but as I started concentrating on it, my body started relaxing into poses. By the end of the routine I felt I had accomplished a great deal. For the first time, I felt as if I understood the beauty of this practice and I felt like my body would remind me in the morning of how much of a workout Yoga can be. This picture is from Women’s Health and I think whether you are a newbie like me or a seasoned veteran you will enjoy it immensely. Namaste.