What’s that I smell?

The use of incense dates back to ancient times but the origin is uncertain. It is used in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy, meditation, for creating a spiritual atmosphere, and for masking unpleasant odors. Incense blends can be created to cleanse a space, to manifest, to elevate your mood, and much more. The following recipe is for a prosperity blend but the instructions for making the Incense can be used for many different blends.

Prosperity Blend:

2 parts Frankincense Resin. Frankincense is used for purification, prosperity, and protection. As an offering to the gods, it is also good for spiritual elevation and increasing psychic power. It is truly an all-purpose incense for any intention.

1 part Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a very handy spice that can be used “in a pinch” to bring quick money. Also good to sprinkle in your wallet or cash register to bring business.

1 part Allspice to attract business luck or financial success.

1 part Cloves. A very common herb to draw money. It is said as long as you keep cloves in the kitchen, your cupboards are never bare.

1 part Five-Finger Grass (also known as Cinquefoil). It is the standard ingredient in most money drawing incense due to it’s drawing powers.

1 part Patchouli. Added to prosperity herb mixes to reinforce the manifestation power of your wishes. Patchouli has a commanding component to it.

Once you have gathered these ingredients it will be time to grind them. Some people use a coffee grinder but I prefer to use the traditional Mortar & Pestle.  Especially with regards to resins which can get too “gummy” in a grinder and damage it. Side note with regards to resins: I have found it is very useful to put them in the freezer for about an hour before attempting to grind them. Using a Mortar & Pestle, grind each ingredient separately. You want to grind them to a small granular form, like the consistency of sea salt. Next, blend the ingredients together.

Congratulations! You have now created “loose” Incense. Scoop this into a glass jar, seal it, label it and let it sit overnight, or longer, so the herbs have a chance to “mingle”.

Once they have, you have several options to use this incense.

The first would be to burn it on charcoal tablets. Start by adding just a small amount to the tab and adjust on personal preferences.

If you wish to roll this into sticks or cones you will need to take the blend and grind it until it is a fine powder. At this point you will need to add Makko, which is a combustible tree bark. This powder is what will be needed to get the incense to burn. You will need a mix of 30% Makko and 70% incense blend. Take the blend and pull out about 20% for back-up for this next step. With the 80% you will need to SLOWLY add some water to form a dough. You want this like Play-do consistency. Workable, not wet. If you find you have added to much water, add some of the back-up mix. Once you have kneaded your dough well, you will be ready to form it into cones, or roll it onto bamboo sticks. Allow these to dry completely before burning.

A great option for those who do not wish to “burn” incense would be to make this blend into an aromatherapy oil. Gently heat some jojoba oil, just until it is warm. Add your loose incense mix and allow it to steep for several hours. Jojoba Oil, unlike most other oils, will not turn rancid. This means you don not need to store your new blend in the fridge. When you are ready to use, simply add a few drops into the water of your aromatherapy burner and enjoy!

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