Growing Pains

If ever I am asked to make a guy understand giving birth, I would inform him that it is very much like moving this store. One would think that I wouldn’t find it so daunting since this isn’t my first time around the block, but like labor, one tends to forget the pain and suffering once that beautiful baby smiles up at you.

 Right now we are in the midst of a very intense “Labor of Love.” I believe I worked close to  80 hours in the store this past week and countless more at home. There’s lots of nervous excitement all around and back pain a plenty. I am torn between the active labor needing to be done in our current location and my urge to “nest” in the new space.

My feet are swollen, my moods are a-swinging, and I find myself experiencing exhaustion and insomnia at the same time. This is not for the weak my friends. But we move forward, knowing that soon, very soon, we will be face to face with our beautiful creation. Like proud new parents we will invite you all to come and see what miracle the universe entrusted to our keep. Soon, like a mantra, I repeat again and again, soon….and I breath. Deeply.

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