Cha Ching!

There seems to be a trend in New Year’s Resolutions , with Saving more Money being on top of most people’s list.  Most Financial Advisers say you should have a rainy day fund of at LEAST 3 months of your income, and that is just a starting point.  Although I agree with them, when you are living in the moment and trying to “Be Here Now”, it is hard to remember why this goal would be an important one to have. I mean, why put 4 dollars into savings when buying a White Chocolate Mocha offers me some instant gratification?  Well, let me introduce you to these fun little Money Holders!

Now Saving can be Fun too!

You do not need to make lots of money to be a saver. Start small. Take all your change everyday and put it in a piggy bank. Put aside $10 every paycheck. Then build on it. Change to putting aside $25, then $50 once you learn to adjust to the “savings cut”

Most people do not feel richer when they get small pay raises because they just kind of spend a little more, so once you start saving you will not feel constrained….you will simply spend a little less.

 I like to challenge myself to come up with fun ways to save a little more, while having fun doing it. Instead of a night out with friends, try having a potluck and everyone stay in. Instead of going to the movies,  plan a fun night of hanging out watching some great classics.

By the end of these evenings you have had some real quality time with your friends, and saved some green along the way!

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