the “Alchemist”

If you have ever Journeyed into our store,  chances are you recognize one or more of these faces. This is Us! When we say Crystal Connection is Locally Owned & Family Operated we are speaking of this Family right here.  This is an image of the path we are journeying. For years we tried to find a ” balance”  between Work and Play, The Store and Our Family, and Meetings and “Me” time. However, it always seemed like an impossible feat. One day I simply gave up…I let go.  I stop struggling to find balance and simply focused on the “now”.  And something happened! Life Happened. I released my anxiety and found that focus came once I realized the “Moments” that I felt needed to have their own time and place kinda fit together on their own. Life would dictate who needed what and at what time, and it was my job to be calm and collected so that I could do what was required, when it was required. My Life is messy! Turns out it doesn’t really like to be planned and scheduled.

Magazines and Expert Opinions are not as good at filling my store like our Costumers. Turns out they know what they want a little better than some trade show.  Computer programs are not very good at auto scheduling my employees because our computer doesn’t realize that availability does not directly translate into being a morning person. And my children prefer doing their homework at the store where they can socialize a little after school ( and where they are a safe distance from a room that needs cleaning).  So, after a long time of plotting and planning and trying to make Life neat and orderly, it turns out it enjoys being LOUD, chaotic and very messy ( much to the dismay of our beloved OCD employee).

Oddly, this does not directly translate into the look and feel of the Crystal Connection.  On a daily basis I have someone say they have ducked into the store for a little Peace and Calm. Many stop by seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of their own lives and like to take a moment to breathe in the Serenity they find there. And in this we bear witness to the Magic. Alchemy right before our eyes. We are managing to take Our Chaos and turn it into a Piece of Nirvana for Others.  And that has been the goal all along. Now if only I could figure out how to make this same miraculous event transpire at home! :0)

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